(Part 3) THE NEW BIRTH - Attributes of The New Birth

(Part 3) THE NEW BIRTH - Attributes of The New Birth
  1. The new birth is not by self effort, or “the will of the flesh”
    1. No one has the power to regenerate himself, or produce his own birth. That is not even possible in the natural.
    2. No one can produce his or her own physical birth.
    3. The new birth is not by human agent, or instrumentality, or “of the will of man”.
    4. Many, over the ages, have been taught to believe that people are introduced into new birth through water baptism, Holy Communion, confirmation and church membership, etc.
    5. The word of God makes it clear that no human will or action, no church or religious ceremony can produce the new birth in any person – not even good deeds or works, “but of God”.
    6. God alone is the source of this new birth. Only God can regenerate through the agency of the Holy Spirit (Titus 3: 5)
    7. This is for emphasis: regeneration takes place in those who sincerely acknowledge their sins, repent of them and turn to God, and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Saviour of their lives (John 1: 12; Ephesians 1: 7)
  2. What does regeneration involve?
    1. Regeneration involves a change from an old life of sin to a new life of obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ (II Corinthians 5: 17; Galatians 6: 15; Ephesians 4: 23 – 24; Colossians 3: 10)
    2. Any person who is truly born-again is set free from the bondage and rule of sin.
    3. The Bible says that sin shall no more have dominion or control of that person’s life (Romans 6: 14 – 23; John 8: 36)
    4. The person receives a spiritual desire and inclination or disposition to submit to God in every respect.
    5. The desire and delight to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in his or her life is born (Romans 8: 13 – 14)
    6. One born of God cannot make a habitual practice of sin in his or her life.
    7. Sin is not the natural habitat of a true child of God. If you are living in sin and you are not moved, you are not worried about it, then something is wrong somewhere. It does not happen to a true child of God.
    8. There is a big difference between living deliberately in sin, and being overtaken in sin (Galatians 6: 1)

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