(Part 2) Coping With Tough Times

(Part 2) Coping With Tough Times
  1. Handling Tough Time
    1. if a child of God or minister of the gospel does not handle tough times with wisdom, it can lead to overwork, loneliness, disappointment, discouragement, depression and collapse.
    2. That is what people call burn out.
    3. During hard times, one is easily expose to many voices.
    4. Many have quit the faith or ministry under intense pressure because they listened to such voices telling them to quit – like Elijah of old.
  2. Points That Will Help You Combat Hard Times Victoriously
    1. To combat hard times victoriously in the ministry, you must be convinced that you are in the ministry because God has called you into it.
    2. You must believe that he has not called you to fail but to succeed or fulfill a purpose in his divine plan.
    3. You must know that difficult times are not meant to break you, but to make you.
    4. Tough times are not meant to be a stumbling block on your way, but a stepping-stone.
    5. Difficult times are classroom tests designed to place you in God’s promotion arrangement.
    6. It is during tough times that your sterling qualities emerge and cause you to shine as the stars of heaven. That was true of job and confirmed by James in James 1:12.
    7. Infact, tough times have what it takes to make us “tough people” who know how to stand on God’s promises and stay focused on our destiny in God.
    8. The enemy may cash in on such times to fight, but he will never prevail because the lord who called and anointed you is there to deliver you.
  3. To cope with tough times, you must seek God steadily in prayer. see Phil. 4:6; Eph 6:18; Lk.18:1.
    1. In a few years of ministry, i have never known a better way to deal with difficult situation than through prayers.
    2. I have maintained a prayer programme, which has seen me through all times.
    3. The more i pray, the greater i see the need to pray even more.
    4. Testimony: “I have not finished with you”.
  4. Trust God To See You Though
    1. The Psalmist says: “Trust in the lord and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed” (ps. 37:3).
    2. Tough times comes to uproot you from your place of divine appointment.
    3. That is your own land.
    4. But the scripture says: “If you keep trusting God and doing your job (ministry), you will retain your portion.” God will do your battle.
    5. Hear what the Psalmist says again: “Though i walk in the midst of trouble, thou will revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me. The lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O lord, endureth forever: forsake not the works of thine own hands” (Ps.138:7-8).
    6. Read Ps. 23:4; lCor. 10:13.
    7. The bible says that David encouraged himself in the lord, “This God”.
    8. 1 Sam. 30:6 He inquired of the lord, he accepted responsibilities as a leader and refused to shift blames. He stayed in the presence of God for clear instructions and direction of what to do.
  5. Meditate On God’s Word (Jos. 1:8; Ps. 1:2).
    1. Solutions begin in the mind.
    2. They begin as seeds of thought.
    3. What you meditate on the most will determine the direction of your life.
    4. God’s word is your solution pack.
    5. Set your mind ceaselessly on it.
    6. It is your guarantee of victory.
    7. Read what God says about hard times in Isaiah 43:2 and chew heavily on it. Also see ll Corin. 10:4-5.
  6. Learn All You Can: (Rom. 5:3-5; Prov. 24:16)
    1. Speaking about the hard times that lie ahead of God’s people during the end times, Jesus advised, “In your patience, possess ye your souls” (Lk. 21:19).
    2. Hard times try men’s souls.
    3. Your task is to convert them to times of learning. but you need patience to succeed in this
    4. Paul told us in Rom. 5 that hard times work patience and patience work experience.
    5. And you know that experience is a better teacher than words.
    6. Speaking about Jesus our master, the writer of Heb. Says: “Though he were a son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered; And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him. (Heb 5:8-9).
    7. If he never learnt obedience through suffering-“tough time” In his life and ministry, he couldn’t have obediently submitted to death on the cross.
    8. Tough times are training ground for greater service. Learn all you can in such times.
  7. Be Positive (Rom. 8:28; ll Tim.4:18; l Peter3:13-14; Deut. 1:29-30; Rev. 2:26)
    1. Paul Says: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.”
    2. Being positive simply means coming to our situation with a mindset of victory.
    3. This excludes every bitterness or resentment.
    4. You predetermine that whatever happens, you are the winner and Satan is the loser.
    5. That was the attitude of job during tough times in his life.
    6. He was able to say: “Though he slay me, yet will i trust in him: but i will maintain mine own ways before him” (Job 13:15). “For i know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall i see God”.(Job 19:25-26).
    7. As long as you are working within God’s purpose for your life, hard times are welcome as temporary motivators. The concept of “time”, shows that every situation has a beginning and an end.
  8. Receive Strength In joy (Is. 12:3; Neh. 8:10)
    1. The bible says: “The joy of the lord is your strength”. You need divine strength to cope in tough times.
    2. Paul and Silas receive divine help at the altar of praise.
    3. Joy is your superior way of celebrating your victory in advance.
  9. Stay Focused On Objectives (Matt. 6:22; Luk. 11:34)
    1. The enemy will try very hard to use hard times to distract you from your goal.
    2. Your victory is in staying focused on your objectives.


Hard Times demand that we be “sober, vigilant because your adversary the devil.”(l Peter 5:8).

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