Biography -Rev. Isaac M. Mpamaugo

The Reverend Isaac M. Mpamaugo is an ordained minister of the Assemblies of God, Nigeria. At the moment, he has stepped aside from active pulpit and administrative ministry into local and international missionary work, family enrichment and people empowerment.

For over 36 years, Rev Mpamaugo served as a minister of the Assemblies of God, Nigeria, serving in various local churches as resident Pastor.  At a relatively young age, God elevated him to lead the Lagos axis of the Assemblies of God, Nigeria. It was a vast area called Lagos District and for 23 years, he was the District Superintendent. That Lagos District has as at date, given birth to six other districts, namely; Lagos Mainland, Apapa, Ikorodu, Badagry, Sango and Eko Districts. As the old Lagos District Superintendent, Rev. Mpamaugo was a member of the National Executive Presbytery of the Assemblies of God, Nigeria, called the Executive Committee throughout his tenure and beyond. He was also Chairman of the Governing Council/Board of Premier Seminary of the Assemblies of God, in Western Nigeria, the South-west Advanced School of Theology, Iperu, in Osun State, the known as the Western Bible College (WBC). He holdsa diploma, Barchelorss and Masters degree in various areas of ministry and is very notable for his teachings and life of untrammeled righteousness and complete consecration to God. Rev. Mpamaugo is an unrepentant believer in the power of God to influence people, change situations and right wrongs. He is still praying and waiting for any God-sent revival which he believes will sweep the earth again before the coming of the Great King –Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Together with his wife, the Rev. Mrs. Edith Chidiebere, the Mpamaugos have carved a niche in Need-meeting ministry as they focused on building up families, helping the Widows and training the Fatherless through their LIFE SUPPORT Foundation; they have sent many Widows’ children to Secondary schools and the Universities.

The Mpamaugos continue to be active in preaching and teaching on invitation, in family counseling and most importantly in active Missionary work. Their Signature project is the Salaga Missions Field in Northern Ghana where God is still performing wonders as in the days of old. More on the Salaga work in a later post.

Please, join the Mpamaugos to advance the kingdom of God on earth and bring endless blessings to God’s children wherever they are in the universe by donating to keep this site afloat and enabling their missions enterprises.

Our Mission

To reach the global community with the saving gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, build up the Body of Christ with highly enriched spiritual food, and go to the fields of harvest ourselves and win souls for Christ. We offer structures to take care of counseling, mentoring and skills training programs.

The Rev. (Mrs.) Edith Chidiebere Mpamaugo is a highly valued Wife, Mother, Minister of the Gospel and powerful people builder and resource mobilizer.

She has spent nearly 40 years in the ministry, from leading women in the local church to leading the women of well over a hundred local churches under the Women Ministries of the Assemblies of God, Lagos District.

Her passion are to live as the virtuous woman of the Bible, win thousands of souls to Christ, cater for Widows and the Fatherless and help thousands of women to have a better life in Christ. Her pet project is her Life Support Foundation which executes her philanthropy. A woman of brains and enterprise, she obtained Advanced Diplomas in Business Administration and in Theology.

Mrs. Mpamaugo is famous for her annual WIDOWS’ GETTOGETHER during which she hosts hundreds of Widows to food and drinks, shares wrappers to all, and gives money and other relevant gifts to those who need it including rice needed so acutely by Nigerian families.

She lives in Lagos, Nigeria with her husband, the Rev. I. M. Mpamaugo, the former Lagos District Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Nigeria; and their six lovely children.

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